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Number of Apps Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Environments Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Number of Views Unlimited Unlimited
Included Number of Views * Unlimited 10,000
Number of Users Unlimited Unlimited
Alerting Email, Slack Email
Data Retention 13 months 6 months
Cross-browser and mobile device testing yes yes
Scan Videos yes yes
Access Proof'd Webhooks yes yes
Access Proof'd API yes no
Support email, chat, phone email, chat
Hands on Onboarding yes yes
Get Started Get Started

Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

What is a View?

Anytime Proof'd captures the state of your app, that is considered a View. Some examples:

  • Visit your login page - that's a View.
  • Click on the "Forgot Password" button on the login page - that's a View too.
  • Click on the "Logout" button - that's a View, then click on "Yes, I'm sure I want to logout!" - that's also a View.

What if I need more Views, but don't want to upgrade to the Enterprise tier?

You may purchase as many additional Views as needed while on the Essentials Tier.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can test?

No. We want you to test as often as needed. Our pricing scales based on the number of Views, not how frequently the Scans are run.

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