Why use Proof'd?

Scroll down to see a comparison of the paths two engineering leaders took to improve the quality of their SaaS app.

Proof'd 1 Blake's team doesn't use Proof'd
Proof'd 2 Anna's team uses Proof'd


Proof'd 3

Blake needs to improve the quality of his team's SaaS app. They have one test engineer, Max, but he can't keep up. Slowing down development isn't an option.

Proof'd 4

Anna needs to improve the quality of her team's SaaS app. They have one test engineer, Allen, but he can't keep up. Slowing down development isn't an option.

Proof'd 5
10 min later - 9:10am

Anna chooses Proof'd. She books time with the Proof'd onboarding specialist for the next morning.

Proof'd 6
6 hours later - 3:00pm

Due to the severity of the problem, Blake quickly gets approval to hire another test engineer. Blake opens a rec, coordinates with marketing to ensure that they post the listing, and emails outside recruiters to assist with the search.


Proof'd 7
The next morning - 9:00am

Anna and Allen join the call with the Proof'd specialist. The specialist helps Allen configure Proof'd to test their SaaS app, enter test data, integrate with Slack and Jira, and schedule additional Scans.

Proof'd 8
4 hours later - 1:00pm

Allen reviews the Scan results in Proof'd and confirms that it captured their SaaS app's behavior.


Proof'd 9
The next morning - 9:00am

The release is deployed to the test environment. Allen starts a Scan of the new release and begins manually testing the new functionality. In the future, Allen can configure Proof'd to start Scans via a webhook, the Proof'd API, or via Scheduled Scans.

Proof'd 10
30 min later - 9:30am

The Scan is complete. Proof'd identifies changes in the app's behavior and pages that are visually different. Allen indicates some changes are due to dynamically changing data, some are the expected new functionality, but one is a regression. Proof'd also finds 14 errors missed in earlier testing. With one click, Allen tells Proof'd to open issues in Jira for the bugs.

Proof'd 11

Blake shares the intent to hire another test engineer during the week's leadership team meeting. The team is concerned that because the candidate market is tight, it's unclear when the test engineer will be onboard.

Proof'd 12
3 hours later - 12:30pm

Fixes for the regression and other errors now in the test environment. Allen starts a Scan of the new release. Proof'd confirms that the regression and errors are fixed. Allen alerts Anna that the release is ready to ship!

Proof'd 13
10 min later . 12:40pm

Anna, Allen, and the team celebrate the quick turnaround!


Proof'd 14

Blake finally has time to review resumes and schedule interviews.

The following Thursday

Proof'd 15

Blake interviews a candidate who has extensive experience with their testing framework.

Proof'd 16

Blake interviews another candidate. The second candidate has less experience with their testing framework and Blake makes an offer to the first candidate.

The following Wednesday

Proof'd 17

The candidate accepts. Blake alerts the leadership team that the plan to increase quality is progressing. Blake is relieved that the search went quickly.

Three weeks later...

Proof'd 18

The new test engineer starts and begins a week of onboarding.

Later that week...

Proof'd 19

The new test engineer completes their first automated test Only thousands of more tests to go.


Proof'd 20

Blake's team can now incrementally increase the number of tests. He hopes that these additional tests will improve the quality of his app.

Choose more tests

Proof'd 21

Proof'd empowered Anna's team to immediately improve the quality of their app. Customers are delighted at the improved quality. With Proof'd ensuring quality, Anna can hire additional developers and deliver value to customers faster.

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