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Proof'd - Test all that's important to you
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Proof'd removes the manual effort from automated UI testing. Allowing you to focus on improving quality instead of just creating and maintaining tests.

Proof'd delivers the testing results you need to make an inform go/no-go decisions and de-risk your software development.

Proof'd is a SaaS automated testing platform for web and cloud apps. There's nothing to install and no need to change your app. Get started in a couple of minutes.

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Make Quality your unfair competitive advantage

Want to make quality a competitive advantage for your team? Avoid the 3 Myths of Automated Testing and learn how to turn quality into a competitive advantage.

Proof'd - Better Approach

Better approach, better results

Think meaningful change in automated testing is impossible? Read the 3 Myths of Automated Software Testing to learn why existing tools haven't made a difference.

Proof'd - Results

not effort

A few more automated tests isn't the solution to your quality problem. With Proof'd, you can focus on results, not effort.

Proof'd - Low Overhead

Low overhead testing

You don't need a complicated development process to create bugs. With Proof'd, you won't need one to catch them either.

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