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You may have found this page searching for Ghost Inspector... but we're glad that you're here.

There are lots of automated testing platforms, but we're the only one that turns quality into your unfair competative advantage.

Proof'd - Scan Results

Like most automated testing platforms, Ghost Inspector strives to make it easier for your test engineers to create and execute automated tests. Proof'd is different.

With Proof'd you can test everything, with every release, with the team you have, starting with your next release.

Proof'd removes the manual effort from automated testing, allowing you to focus on improving quality instead of just generating tests.

Proof'd - Changes

Proof'd is different from platforms like Ghost Inspector. Proof'd doesn't merely reduce the pain of creating and maintaining tests, it eliminates it.

Proof'd uses Robotic Exploratory Testing to automatically crawls your application, discovering every element and every view. Every item on every page is then monitored for changes.

Unlike Ghost Inspector, giving Proof'd a try is low risk, low investment. Get started in minutes, see results in hours.


Proof'd is a SaaS automated testing platform. It works with web and cloud apps. There's nothing to install and no need to change your app. Get started in a couple of minutes. See results as soon as your next release.

Make Quality your unfair competitive advantage

Want to make quality a competitive advantage for your team? Avoid the 3 Myths of Automated Testing and learn how to turn quality into a competative advantage.

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